victoria beckhams son steals her clothes and its hot

Victoria Beckham’s Son Steals Her Clothes (and It’s Hot)

Sumary of Victoria Beckham’s Son Steals Her Clothes (and It’s Hot):

  • No oversized T-shirt or rocknroll silhouette, the former singing star then opted for a color block look.
  • If the Beckham family members have already proven their exceptional family bonds based on selfies, proofs of love and coordinated looks, this time one of the children has decided to steal his mother’s clothes to adopt an ultra-trendy look.
  • In terms of style, the tandem seems on the same wavelength.
  • On the silhouette of the teenager and associated with an oversized black T-shirt merchandising style of the 2000s, it takes on rocknroll airs which do not seem to displease the old Spice Girls.
  • And Victoria Beckham did not stop there, since she hastened to post on Instagram a photo of herself wearing these scarlet pants, taken on the occasion of the Saint Laurent fall-winter 2022-2023 show in Paris March 1, 2022.
  • A sexy piece that we are used to seeing on rather glamorous looks.

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