10 Great Bunny Wailer Songs: A Musical History

10 great bunny wailer songs a musical history

Sumary of 10 Great Bunny Wailer Songs: A Musical History:

  • Said Bunny Wailer, stepping onstage draped in ornate robes to greet the sold-out crowd inside Madison Square Garden at his first and only headlining gig there in 1986..
  • He preferred to tend his garden at home, growing his herbs and vegetables, which may help to explain why he parted ways with The Wailers—the group he’d formed back in the early 1960s with his childhood friend Bob Marley and Peter Tosh—just as things were taking off..
  • In 1976, the same year Marley released his landmark album Rastaman Vibration, Bunny put out his solo debut, Blackheart Man, a mysterious work suffused with images of fire, brimstone, and armageddon…

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