All I Ever Want to Wear Is This Unitard

all i ever want to wear is this unitard

Sumary of All I Ever Want to Wear Is This Unitard:

  • (As a millennial, my main social currency is always keeping up appearances, despite how wrecked I may feel inside.) One mindless scroll through Instagram later and\]there it was in all its athleisure glory:.
  • In my state of anxiety and uncertainty, I turned to the reviews, and after reading high praise such as “Better than a birthday suit,”…

I’m not going to come right out and admit how often I wear the unitard, so let’s just say that it’s in heavy rotation. Fortunately, it’s so damn versatile that no one can tell. For Zoom meetings, I drape a cardigan over my shoulders. If I want to squeeze in an impromptu Peloton ride between calls, I jump right on the bike. On date night, I slip on a pair of high-waisted wide-leg jeans and — bam — I’m good to go. This unitard is truly a godsend for exercising and lounging around, which, for those of us lucky enough to be WFH, is really all we’re ever doing these days, amiright?

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