Amazon closes 2021 with 18,000 permanent employees in Spain

Amazon closes 2021 with 18,000 permanent employees in Spain

Sumary of Amazon closes 2021 with 18,000 permanent employees in Spain:

  • Amazon created 6,000 new permanent jobs in Spain in 2021, closing the year with 18,000 permanent employees, distributed throughout the country, placing it among the 15 companies with the most employees in Spain, and in the top 5 in the retail sector, as reported.
  • The first time that Amazon invested in Spain was more than ten years ago and throughout this decade, between 2010 and 2020, it has allocated more than 6.8 billion euros to establish its business in the country.
  • In addition, if its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is added to these investments, Amazon’s total estimated contribution to the Spanish economy in the last decade exceeds 13.9 billion euros.
  • “We are very proud to continue creating jobs and investing in Spain, contributing to its prompt and firm recovery”, highlighted the vice president and general director of Amazon, Mariangela Marseglia.
  • Amazon, which has contributed to the generation of more than 71,000 indirect jobs in Spain within its supply chain, offers employment opportunities for all types of profiles, regardless of their age, level of education and professional career.
  • Amazon also provides job opportunities in multiple fields: in the company’s logistics centers, within customer service teams and data centers, and also in software development centers, creative studios and corporate offices.
  • Salaries vary depending on the region in which they are located, according to the firm, which specifies that if Madrid is taken as a reference, the annual base salary exceeds 20,300 euros gross.
  • In addition, each logistics center employee can benefit from the Amazon Career Choice program, once he has completed his first year with the company.

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