Amazon seeks to reduce its logistics park in the US

amazon seeks to reduce its logistics park in the us

Sumary of Amazon seeks to reduce its logistics park in the US:

  • The 10 million square feet that Amazon intends to divest would be the equivalent of 12 of Amazon’s largest “fulfillment centers” in the United States.
  • Industrial real estate specialist Prologis, of which Amazon is the largest tenant, would be among the tenants in question.
  • Amazon did not comment on the information from Bloomberg, nor either But the revelations of the American press are in line with the recent announcements of the Amazon group.
  • This happens in a context in which Amazon warehouses are once again in the news in the social sphere.
  • Hernandez Sebastian Hernandez Sebastian US e-commerce giant Amazon is seeking to ditch 9.3 million square meters of logistics space The group, which had made its logistics expansion a priority, would now seek to adapt its fleet to less marked growth in sales online, either by terminating your rental agreements or by subletting your units.
  • This union reports that mandatory meetings were held at the Staten Island warehouse aimed at discouraging its workers from unionizing, in the context of the threat of closure of this unit.
  • The National Labor Relations Boards have found the allegations made by the Amazon Workers Union to be credible.

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