Are recycled PET hazardous to health?

Are recycled PET hazardous to health?

Sumary of Are recycled PET hazardous to health?:

  • According to the specialist media Rayon Boissons, all the products of the PepsiCo group in France make use of this material, the manufacture of which generates five fewer CO2 emissions compared to a new PET bottle.
  • A study from Brunel University, located in Greater London, reports that recycled PET containers contain more chemicals than the less environmentally friendly version of plastic.
  • With 480 billion plastic bottles sold each year, according to Euromonitor International, we thought we had found the beginning of an answer to the problem of plastic pollution, especially since less than 14% of these plastic bottles are recycled.
  • Have we really found a solution for the future in the recycled plastic that makes up our water or soda bottles?
  • PepsiMax bottles now display, and ostentatiously, that the container is made of 100% R-PET (polyethylene terephthalate).
  • Published in the expert journal Journal of Hazardous Materials, the results even specify that the migration of bisphenol A – the famous chemical compound designated as an endocrine disruptor banned in the manufacture of baby bottles since 2015, is greater in recycled plastic than traditional plastic.
  • However, British researchers realized that this synthetic polymer, when recycled, could generate the concentration, and even the appearance, of new chemicals.

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