Authentic Brands: Reebok Significant Deal With New Guards (Farfetch)

Authentic Brands: Reebok Significant Deal With New Guards (Farfetch)

Sumary of Authentic Brands: Reebok Significant Deal With New Guards (Farfetch):

  • A significant shift towards premium fashion is emerging at Reebok: The new owner of the brand, Authentic Brands Group (ABG), announces a long-term strategic partnership with the New Guards Group for the former Adidas subsidiary.
  • Reebok x Victoria Beckham New Guards is a Farfetch brand platform dedicated to luxury design, production and distribution.
  • She is set to become the “core partner for Reebok in Europe” and will “run Reebok’s retail and online operations and boost wholesale for the brand”.
  • With the announcement, ABG sends a clear signal that the brand is set to transition into higher market segments, as New Guards will now be the exclusive partner for “the creation, curation and launch of luxury collaborations” and “premium products from Reebok to leading fashion and specialty retailers in over 50 countries.
  • ABG President and CMO Nick Woodhouse described the agreement as “an important pillar of our strategy to expand Reebok’s global footprint”.
  • Jamie Salter, founder and CEO of ABG, spoke of a “monumental moment for Reebok and ABG”.
  • He added: “As a key player in the industry, New Guards has a recognized authority in fashion and luxury with impressive global distribution capabilities.
  • Together we will build on Reebok’s legacy in product innovation, introducing groundbreaking collaborations and bringing premium products to consumers in Supply key markets around the world”.

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