Azorean Mazal transforms volcanic rock into cosmetics

azorean mazal transforms volcanic rock into cosmetics

Sumary of Azorean Mazal transforms volcanic rock into cosmetics:

  • Looking for products indicated in herbalists and researching the names and compositions, Vera Leal ended up delving into the area, deciding to hold a self-taught workshop to create and try the new product.
  • The Azorean startup Mazal – created by archaeologist, art historian and researcher Vera Leal and incubated at StartUp Angra, based on Terceira Island – is transforming volcanic rock into cosmetics for personal hygiene, reserving the dream of arriving in the USA.
  • Vera Leal graduated in Archeology and Art History, a field in which she specialized, researching as a grantee in Spain and on the Portuguese mainland, namely at the Santos Rocha da Figueira da Foz Municipal Museum, where traces of the Roman presence in Portugal were discovered, as well as such as medieval and renaissance sculptures.
  • In the same year, she returned to the Azores to work on archaeological excavations in Terceira, which is considered a UNESCO cultural heritage site; to teach history at a local high school; and to develop Mazal.
  • Friends Vera Leal da Mazal and Gabriela Juárez, in the Azores – Sapo24 The also Azorean Vera Leal has been working on the project in the laboratory since 2016, finally creating in 2020 the contours of Mazal as a bet on solid cosmetics, and now launching cosmetic products with Já a StartUp Angra is a locally based business incubator, which supports local entrepreneurs in the business development process, from the business idea to its implementation, you can read on the site itself.
  • The function of cream or shampoo, says Vera to Sapo24: The advantage of this format is that it doesn’t need packaging, it can just be a recycled cardboard box, besides it’s super easy to transport, because it doesn’t have the problem of liquids at the airport, for example.
  • The first soaps were sold to friends and places that gave good feedback to the product, eventually being advised by her therapist friend Gabriela Juárez to professionalize the project, joining StartUp Angra, in Angra do Heroísmo, in 2021.

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