Baby Vittoria with the shaded swimsuit: she is the “favorite testimonial” of mother Chiara Ferra…

baby vittoria with the shaded swimsuit she is the favorite testimonial of mother chiara ferra

Sumary of Baby Vittoria with the shaded swimsuit: she is the “favorite testimonial” of mother Chiara Ferra…:

  • The girl also wore a pink bandana, indispensable for shielding her head from the sun.
  • Vittoria Lucia Ferragni with the tie-dye bikini Vittoria is the second of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez: she is just one year old but she is already a small social idol thanks to her funny expressions and the adorable looks that the entrepreneur mother likes to choose for her .
  • Tie-dye costume Chiara Ferragni Brand (via Baby Vittoria is Chiara Ferragni’s favorite testimonial In addition to being one of the most famous fashion influencers, Chiara Ferragni is also an entrepreneur: she has a line of accessories, make-up and clothing.
  • For the stars, the holidays by the sea have begun: Chiara Ferragni is enjoying a trip to Greece with her friends, while her grandmother Marina Di Guardo cuddles her grandchildren by the sea.
  • At the birth of her second child, Vittoria launched her baby line and, ever since, Vittoria has been the best publicity she could ever want.
  • The girl ‘s latest beach look is with a gradient bikini in the colors of pink and light blue with the unmistakable’ eyelash eye of the Chiara Ferragni brand: the model is no longer on sale on the official website, but only on the shopping platforms online.
  • It is a model of the brand of her mother Chiara Ferragni who, proudly, replies: My favorite testimonial .

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