Bridging the Knowledge Gap

bridging the knowledge gap

Sumary of Bridging the Knowledge Gap:

  • It’s not to say that people haven’t been researching the intersection of clothing and economics, clothing and psychology, or clothing and culture–to name a few–for quite some time, rather that it hasn’t been taken seriously as its own discipline.
  • However, with formalization of fashion as a discipline within the academy, and the growth in graduate level programs, there has been a surge of fashion-specific research both by faculty and students.
  • And because this research isn’t necessarily tied to a company’s success–meaning that it’s not research being done as part of one’s job, or in service of a client–this has provided more opportunity to research without a required or expected outcome.
  • It’s no surprise then, that a correlation can be drawn between the growth of fashion research and a growth of interest in subjects such as sustainability, human rights and EISJ.
  • These topics are consistently in the top five when it comes to student research.

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