Brunello Cucinelli: “2022 will be a special year for the company”

brunello cucinelli 2022 will be a special year for the company

Sumary of Brunello Cucinelli: “2022 will be a special year for the company”:

  • But I believe that the wisdom of human beings will eventually prevail and I am absolutely convinced that a solution will soon be found .
  • I am fascinated by history and history reminds us that war is part of man, observed the businessman considered the king of Italian cashmere .
  • Brunello Cucinelli The winds of war don’t worry me that much , Cucinelli added about the effects that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine can have on the international economy.
  • All the plans we had made in March-April-May 2020, in full lockdown, were very hard.
  • Not even the shocks that are involving the world stock exchanges and the rise in interest rates on the financial markets do not arouse excessive alarmism according to Cucinelli.
  • None of us would have imagined that we would arrive today in these conditions; so we take these conditions as something special.
  • And 2022 has started very, very well: for our company it will be a year that I could define as a bit special .

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