Bulgari Opens Flagship at Tmall Luxury Pavilion

Bulgari Opens Flagship at Tmall Luxury Pavilion

Sumary of Bulgari Opens Flagship at Tmall Luxury Pavilion:

  • “Over the past five years, the luxury industry has accelerated and developed significantly, and today, more than ever, the customer is at the heart of Bulgari’s business model,” said CEO Jean-Christophe Babin.
  • Italian brand Bulgari, owned by luxury giant LVMH, opens sales at Chinese company Alibaba’s Tmall Luxury Pavilion and “becomes the first luxury brand to embrace the concept of an innovative flagship store.” The jewelery house is taking this step to “offer its customers new, digitized, luxury shopping opportunities.” @bulgari These possibilities are more “modern and diverse”: the jewelry brand speaks of the full immersion of the buyer in the process of making a purchase.
  • Bulgari notes Tmall’s “minimalist interface design” and its own “peculiar art style”, which together form a “unique combination”.
  • “We have fully adapted to the new lifestyle of our customers, going from “heavy” luxury to experiential luxury, including through e-commerce platforms, which have gradually become an important point of contact in terms of communication and sales.” Bulgari intends to use “Tmall’s rich experience in customer service, product strategy and marketing, as well as image control and exclusivity.” The brand will continue to pursue “digital transformation by improving coordination between its online and offline services”, and, in addition, set new trends and create new digital solutions, including for the “metaverse”.
  • Thus, Tmall is chosen as the perfect backdrop to showcase the “excellent Italian craftsmanship” that Bulgari has been following since 1884.

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