Carole Middleton lands at Royal Ascot and “steals” the pink dress from her daughter Kate

carole middleton lands at royal ascot and steals the pink dress from her daughter kate

Sumary of Carole Middleton lands at Royal Ascot and “steals” the pink dress from her daughter Kate:

  • If in the first day to dominate the scene it was Beatrice of York with her floral look, yesterday to attract all the spotlight on herself it was Carole Middleton, Kate’s mother, now considered a Royal in all respects.
  • At Royal Ascot: Lady D’s granddaughter steals the show from Kate Middleton Kate Middleton in ME + EM Now, it will be because she wanted to play it safe or because she simply rummaged in her daughter ‘s closet, but the sure thing is that the mother of the princess has stolen her look.
  • The pink dress by ME + EM Carole Middleton recycles Kate’s look The most hardened fashion addicts will surely have recognized the dress worn by Carole, since they had already seen it in 2021 when it was Kate Middleton who wore it.
  • At the time the Duchess managed to stand out for originality and style, proving to be an undisputed fashion icon always on the piece in terms of trends.
  • To complete it all she chose a pair of earrings with dangling pearls and a maxi hat in full British style.
  • In this edition, the dress code rules have been slightly revised and allow guests to be a little more casual and eccentric.
  • Carole Middleton’s total pink look Carole Middleton has taken care of the look she wore at Royal Ascot down to the smallest detail, so as to demonstrate that she has nothing to envy to her real acquired relatives.

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