Centric Brands and Coach partner for the production of accessories

centric brands and coach partner for the production of accessories

Sumary of Centric Brands and Coach partner for the production of accessories:

  • – Facebook: Coach To kick off the partnership, Centric Brands will introduce a new collection of soft accessories for men, women and all genders this fall.
  • The new partnership deepens the relationship between Centric Brands and Coach, which began in 2015 with an agreement to design and manufacture costume jewelry for Coach outlet stores around the world.
  • Product categories will include cold-weather items such as hats, gloves, coats and scarves, as well as caps, lightweight scarves and hair accessories that capture the colorful spirit of the Coach brand and are based on the iconic items expected.
  • Centric Brands and Coach partner for the production of accessories.
  • We are excited to expand our long-term partnership with Coach, adding new product categories that showcase the Centric expertise and contribute to the power of the iconic Coach brand, said Jarrod Kahn, president of the accessories group at Centric Brands.
  • Hernandez Sebastian Hernandez Sebastian Centric Brands announced an extended partnership with Coach as its exclusive licensing partner for the design, manufacture and distribution of Coach soft accessories.
  • “We captured the spirit of Coach in a collection of soft accessories that is a natural, seamless extension of the brand, and we’re sure it will resonate with current and new Coach customers,” added Abe Dweck, executive vice president of accessories at Centric Brands.

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