Chanel unveils No.1 De Chanel clean beauty line

chanel unveils no 1 de chanel clean beauty line

Sumary of Chanel unveils No.1 De Chanel clean beauty line:

  • Chanel has launched a new beauty line, No.1 De Chanel, which fuses skincare, make-up, and fragrance that harnesses the benefits of the red camellia.
  • Described as a “new generation of beauty,” Chanel adds that at the heart of the No.1 De Chanel anti-ageing product line is a holistic and environmentally conscious approach, as the formulas contain up to 97 percent of naturally derived ingredients and up to 76 percent camellia ingredients.
  • It has reduced the weight of jars and bottles through a streamlined design, and 80 percent of the products in the range are made of glass, which have also been printed with organic ink that requires lower heating temperatures and consumes less energy than other inks.
  • No 1 de Chanel Chanel has also opted for refillable cream jars and limited the use of plastics, with all products free of cellophane.

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