China’s “zero Covid” policy could delay textile industry recovery

China’s “zero Covid” policy could delay textile industry recovery

Sumary of China’s “zero Covid” policy could delay textile industry recovery:

  • Jiangsu province to the north and Zhejiang province to the south would have around 13,600 and 12,300 textile exporting companies, respectively, according to industry statistics.
  • The nervousness of the leaders is understandable, especially in Europe, where brands and distributors tested by the health crisis are now resigned to seeing consumption burdened by the climate of war that crosses the Old Continent.
  • However, the city is at the heart of another textile and clothing hub.
  • For now, Shandong, the fourth textile-exporting province, would escape containment measures.
  • That manufacturers fear that their production will be reduced overnight, as is currently the case in the textile regions of Shenzhen and Shanghai.
  • Information that made international contractors shudder, since the province concentrates a large number of textile and clothing industries that work with At the beginning of the crisis, 28,276 local textile companies exported their production, which recently led large international fairs of textile clothing to to the local capital, Shenzhen, including France’s Première Vision and Chinese salons Intertextile and Chic, which have withdrawn from holding their events in Shanghai.
  • China remains by far the world’s leading supplier of clothing, with

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