Copenhagen Fashion Week: a fashion party among influencers

Copenhagen Fashion Week: a fashion party among influencers

Sumary of Copenhagen Fashion Week: a fashion party among influencers:

  • Italian version of Size of the text Italian version of It can probably be said that Copenhagen Fashion Week, which ended last week, is as famous for its street style photos as for the fashion shows and brands it presents.
  • And judging by the events seen this week, its main mission is above all to delight influencers.
  • (di) vision, Fall-Winter 2022/23 – Photo: Division / Instagram You can’t blame the local designers for lacking commitment or enthusiasm, but judging by what we saw on the catwalk last week, there is a reason why the photos of the guests at the entrance to the fashion shows are more successful than those of the models who parade there.
  • The quality of the presentations, like that of the brands, is really variable.
  • A handful of shows have been really significant (like Soeren Le Schmidt, (di) vision, Wood Wood and Henrik Vibskov), but overall no one will find anything exceptional this Danish season.
  • Most of the time it seemed to have been organized primarily to entertain some obscure and unknown influencers, rather than distribution professionals or fashion journalists.
  • However, some interesting ideas also emerged: abundant down jackets-vests and accessories, quirky shoes sectioned into two parts, industrial finishes, endless green checks, survival-shock overlays and boots of truly monumental dimensions.
  • But in this Fashion Week the fashion muse hasn’t inspired Denmark much.

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