Disney World guest asked to leave over shirt

disney world guest asked to leave over shirt

Sumary of Disney World guest asked to leave over shirt:

  • A consequence has not yet been collect.a few commenters charge DeLosReyes of intentionally violating the dress code as an attempt to get a free shirt after TikTok people show last year that cast members sometimes supply commodity supporters to cover the outgo of new Disney-themed garments.
  • So, now we’re getting a shirt.In the seven-second clip, DeLosReyes showed her followers that she had been wearing a white, knot-front apical.Want a float work use to news?
  • She retrieved her shirt from what appears to be a furniture at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, and showed what it looked like one last moment.I like this shirt and this shirt likes me.
  • I went back to my building and changed and went back to Epcot.a day later, DeLosReyes responded to a tiktok user to reiterate that she didn’t wear the shirt on purpose.

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