Emporio Armani: 40 shades of gray

Emporio Armani: 40 shades of gray

Sumary of Emporio Armani: 40 shades of gray:

  • Italian version of Text size Italian version of No designer in history has ever loved non-colors more than Giorgio Armani, whose latest collection for the Emporio Armani label showed dozens of variations on the theme of one of his signature colors: gray .
  • See the fashion showEmporio Armani – Fall-Winter 2022 – Womenswear – Milan – © PixelFormula In this co-ed show, Giorgio sent Edwardian dresses with pearl buttons in slate gray to the catwalk for ladies;
  • dolphin-colored, below-the-knee coats and silver duvets for the weekend.
  • For gentlemen, perfectly cut ash-colored double-breasted blazers;
  • fog-colored bandit coats and flint-colored cardigans.
  • Many of the models paraded wearing knee-high trekking boots with soles whose footprint was that of tractor tires.
  • In other outfits, his cast appeared in a palette of pewter, slate, graphite and anthracite.
  • The clothes were ideally visible on the huge catwalk and in the background of the show, both done in a giant checkerboard pattern.

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