Fashion takes sides in defense of women

Sumary of Fashion takes sides in defense of women:

  • “With this small gesture we want to help improve the future of all those women who have suffered and who have to rediscover the taste and beauty of life, leaving the past behind and facing tomorrow with courage” explained Alessandro Biasotto on the sidelines of the initiative .
  • A non-random decision that recalls the best-loved supplement of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, from whom the non-profit organization takes its name, whose mankind and independent tale has made her an icon of modern feminism, a symbol of liberation and independence.
  • The brand, which belongs to the Treviso-based company NYKY founded by Michela and Alessandro Biasotto, thus writes another important chapter in its all-female history by providing a successions of donations of clothes and accessories for guests of refuges and busy women in the exit routes from violence promoted by the non-profit organization.
  • «Love doesn’t hurt» is instead the message chosen by Martino Midali for his capsule collection of t-shirts, created in collaboration with the textile designer Debora Delli to reiterate the urgent need for a world free from violence and discrimination of genre, in which every female can feel safe.

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