Fendi: Roman rationalism, complicated high fashion

Fendi: Roman rationalism, complicated high fashion

Sumary of Fendi: Roman rationalism, complicated high fashion:

  • Italian version of Text size Italian version of Thursday Fendi organized its latest high fashion show inside the former headquarters of the Paris Stock Exchange.
  • But while its owner LVMH continues to thrive on the French stock market, Fendi hasn’t exactly come up with a winning haute couture proposition this season.
  • Underlining the brand’s roots, the label’s creative director of women’s fashion, Kim Jones, asked production house Bureau Betak to build an intriguing set.
  • A series of skeletal forms that imitate the rationalist architecture of the 1930s.
  • The same style that can be admired in the majestic Fendi headquarters, located in the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, which is located in the EUR district of the fascist era in Rome.
  • A similar style crept into the collection’s many grand satin dresses, which featured architectural and sculptural prints of centurions tilling their fields or of suffering saints and matrons.
  • Some of these dresses worked, but most didn’t.
  • Although there were several brilliant rationalist architects, such as Terragni, Libera or De Renzi, the plastic art of that era evokes many of the ideas of Mussolini’s Italy.

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