French couturier Michel Goma dies

French couturier Michel Goma dies

Sumary of French couturier Michel Goma dies:

  • Japanese car manufacturer Nissan commissioned him the design of its new models, and a michel Goma presentation was level in Tokyo in 2018.
  • It was during Goma’s Balenciaga period that 1980s French fashion chronicler Guy Monréal paid tribute to him in L’Officiel, praising Goma for having invented a new category of immature woman, at once non-stative and sacred.
  • Sketches by Michel Goma for the Cinabre description – DR After a stint in attack of the ready-to-wear amasses at Carven, for which he introduced the first licensed commodities in Japan, Goma took the helm of Balenciaga womenswear.
  • He was also celebrated in a retrospective book announce by the Moncrabeau organization, in which Goma himself talks about his life and his feeling for fashion: Not being a good enrollee, I used to think only about move, he is quoted as saying in the book.

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