Gerry Weber offers Window Shopping 3.0

Gerry Weber offers Window Shopping 3.0

Sumary of Gerry Weber offers Window Shopping 3.0:

  • The Gerry Weber Group has rolled out its new “Window Shopping 3.0” concept in its own stores in Germany and Austria.
  • With the additional shopping option in 90 branches, the company is taking another step in the direction of the omin channel.
  • Gerry Weber now offers window shopping in 90 branches – Gerry Weber  “Only locations where there is a certain frequency after closing time and on weekends are eligible for window shopping,” explains Anja Hecht-Meinhardt, Managing Director Retail.
  • With window shopping, customers can scan a QR code in the shop window and are taken directly to a page in the online shop where the outfit shown can be bought.
  • The idea was born during the lockdown, reports Anja Hecht-Meinhardt: “We were looking for solutions on how we could reach our customers despite the closed shops.
  • In our so-called test store in Münster, we have had very good experiences with window shopping as an additional service , which is why we have now gradually expanded the concept.
  • Gerry Weber has been offering window shopping since it opened at the end of September in the Münster store on Prinzipalmarkt.

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