Gucci HA HA HA, Alessandro Michele creates with Harry Styles

gucci ha ha ha alessandro michele creates with harry styles

Sumary of Gucci HA HA HA, Alessandro Michele creates with Harry Styles:

  • The singer, in fact, is also kind in his character, a little intimist and attentive to the world around him, another point of agreement with Alessandro Michele, for example, in supporting social causes.
  • On his third solo album, entitled Harry’s House and preceded by the single As it was, one of the most aired songs on the radio, the British artist, just over 28, has been on the most important stages in the world for over a decade.
  • The name Gucci HA HA HA summarizes the collection with a fusion of the initials of the names of Michele and Styles and also recalls the onomatopoeic sound of the laughing face emoji, used by both for years to end their mutual messages.
  • All this brought me a wind of freedom every time, so much so that I developed the idea of ​​working together, materialized one day while we were talking on the phone, where I proposed to build together a wardrobe of dreams starting from those little oddities that they know putting together the almost childish visions.
  • All built with luxurious manufacturing and precise volumes, to which are added color palettes and mix & match linked to visual and artistic images that produce fascination and style.
  • Her sophisticated look can be associated with her friendship with the creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, a synergy of style and thought that surprised the people of fashion with the preview of a real co-ed collection.
  • The aspects of English tailoring are transformed into a new romantic vision of masculinity where, as in music, Styles tells his whole respectable and creative world, curious to experiment without ever standing still, while carrying that allure of his more of a gentleman than a pop star.

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