Rock hair look, hair trends for autumn winter 2021

Rock hair look, hair trends for autumn winter 2021

Sumary of Rock hair look, hair trends for autumn winter 2021:

  • Gritty cuts inspired by the seventies and eighties, or fashion shows like the latest by Dior and Gucci.
  • Cuts that play with lengths such as mullet or shag, on the overlap between different lengths and scaling.
  • And we are also witnessing the great return of the legendary fringe, evident, important, maxi, but light, versatile, and very chic “with important fringe tufts, which show the forehead and move to the sides and fill them”, continues Marchetti .
  • (a scaled bob by Monica Marchetti) A new deliberately imperfect cut, ideal for those who want a medium look, neither long nor short, but very stylish for all ages, including “overs”.
  • A cut required by men and women, very versatile because natural, deconstructed, free and therefore customizable with a tailored cut by the reference hairstylist.
  • warmer than last year, colors inspired by nature, brown, tobacco, forest, desert.
  • The contrasts of colors are nuanced, not very evident, what matters is the gloss, the shine, underlines Marchetti.
  • (shades of blonde – hairstylist Monica Marchetti) The Style My Hair app allows you to try on a lot of hair looks with your smartphone to find out which one goes best.

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