Harry Styles and Alessandro Michele, from friendship to the Gucci wardrobe

harry styles and alessandro michele from friendship to the gucci wardrobe

Sumary of Harry Styles and Alessandro Michele, from friendship to the Gucci wardrobe:

  • He grew up with me, I became a teenager with him : jokes Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, presenting in Milan the wardrobe of dreams Ha ha ha, born from friendship with singer and actor Harry Styles.
  • Then Harry showed up with a beautiful synthetic fur and a friendship was born made not only of fashion, but of exchanges and sharing of values.
  • Of Harry, known years ago, when one began his solo career and the other debuted as creative director of Gucci, Michele appreciates being very free .
  • We have been spending a lot of time together for years – says Michele – and we share the passion for vintage clothes , so much so that the collection is hosted in the reference store for fans, the historic Cavalli e Nastri boutique, where new clothes mix with pieces historians.
  • A proposal of 25 stylish pieces like the former One Direction and very playful, including angry bears, sheep and cherries: it is no coincidence that the name not only brings together the initials of the two friends, but also the way in which they greet each other on whatsapp, where inspirations and images are exchanged.
  • And to think that at first I thought he was just a boy from a boy band and I didn’t have time …
  • A 70s lord look that turns into a rock star built in an intimate and poetic way .

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