HC: Fendi’s homage to Rome

Sumary of HC: Fendi’s homage to Rome:

  • A moment from the Fendi couture s-s 22 fashion show A spiritual couture that has its roots in the city of Rome.
  • A tribute to the Eternal City and its historical and aesthetic baggage.
  • Kim Jones’ first physical show for Fendi couture comes to life in the halls of the Palais Brogniart, dressed in a giant metal installation to create an ancient perspective arch with profiles illuminated with futuristic neon, with a large ascetic globe dominating the vault of stuccoes and frescoes.
  • When you walk the streets of this city you are constantly in the balance in time, between past and present ”, explained the English designer, artistic director of couture and womenswear of the brand.
  • “Where I work everything seems so modern but before I get there (at the Palazzo della Civita ‘Italiana, the square Colosseum of Eur, home of the LVMH maison, ed) the street is dotted with monuments.
  • In this city there is a sense of total timelessness: a historical vein runs through it, but a tension is also perceived that projects it into the future ».
  • Raised on phantom-heeled sandals, the priestesses of the brand parade.
  • They wear ancestral statues and madonnas painted on dark velvet.

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