Hedi Slimane Makes the Fashion Equivalent of Botox

hedi slimane makes the fashion equivalent of botox

Sumary of Hedi Slimane Makes the Fashion Equivalent of Botox:

  • At Celine, Hedi Slimane has made a habit of pulling off old-fashioned industry tricks that most designers simply don’t have in their arsenal anymore..
  • (The typical contemporary fashion show has 40-60 looks, and lasts about 12 minutes.) His models are not celebrities but real industry types—you’ll never see him put some Instagram superstar in a show or campaign, nor does he chase the cycle of newsworthy celebutantes that every other fashion brand is after..
  • And his clothes, even when they are party dresses or the perfect suit—and especially, oddly, when they have been conservative, bourgeois stuff—somehow seem to make people angry…

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