Hippie lion with ethnic shirt: Chiara Ferragni’s son loves the spirit of Ibiza

hippie lion with ethnic shirt chiara ferragnis son loves the spirit of ibiza

Sumary of Hippie lion with ethnic shirt: Chiara Ferragni’s son loves the spirit of Ibiza:

  • The ethnic embroideries in Bali style, like a true Seventies hippie!
  • Leone and Vittoria are the stars of the holiday in Ibiza Chiara Ferragni is a style icon loved and followed all over the world, but it must be admitted: the real stars of the holiday are Leone and Vittoria.
  • The photos, as always, have been shared on social media, getting a lot of likes: Leone is adorable with denim Bermuda shorts and a shirt with a Korean collar, burnt orange.
  • The colored shirt, the denim shorts and the fingers that form the sign of peace: Leone Lucia Ferragni has perfectly captured the spirit of Ibiza in his look!
  • First, however, Chiara Ferragni wanted to take the children to dinner at Hostal La Torre San Antonio, famous for the breathtaking view overlooking The Little Lion that perfectly embodied the hippie and relaxed spirit of the Spanish island!
  • Chiara Ferragni and Fedez enjoyed a long holiday in Ibiza with the children and friends: the aunt Valentina Ferragni has already returned home, Fedez has flown to Tirana for a concert and the return date is also approaching for the rest of the family.
  • The couple’s children are already social icons thanks to their sympathy and the always impeccable looks that parents choose for them: baby Vitto won us over with colored bikinis, while Leone has already grasped the Ibiza mood between linen suits, shirts colors and tie-dye t-shirts in the colors of the rainbow.

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