Holidays in Capri, 10 brands for glamorous shopping

holidays in capri 10 brands for glamorous shopping

Sumary of Holidays in Capri, 10 brands for glamorous shopping:

  • You have certainly already booked a long weekend to escape from the heat of the city.
  • Jackie Kennedy in Capri in 1970 Ron GalellaGetty Images After all, it’s nice to dress local, getting lost in the artisan boutiques and immersing yourself in the customs of the place.
  • Or it is your intention to give yourself a few days of absolute relaxation in a dream destination.
  • Our first stop is Capri, the Blue Island symbol of carefree and sweet idleness, which started the Capri style loved, among many others, by Jackie Kennedy, the first who brought this look overseas, elevating it to quintessence of coolness the wide caftan combo in printed silk and handcrafted flip flops.
  • Fashion is also this: an expression of the personality of those who live in a specific place.

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