How fashion brands celebrate World Earth Day 2022

How fashion brands celebrate World Earth Day 2022

Sumary of How fashion brands celebrate World Earth Day 2022:

  • Which in collaboration with Risacca, the first laboratory specialized in the reuse and recycling of fishing nets in Mazara del Vallo in Sicily, launched the Proudly re-made in Mediterraneo line, a collection of genderless eco-bags made thanks to the reuse of fishing nets abandoned at sea.
  • The jewelry and charms brand DoDo, on the other hand, renews its commitment with the social enterprise Tenaka: after having rebuilt a thousand square meters of coral reef, and having contributed to the restoration of a mangrove forest, in 2022 DoDo returns to the original project, increasing the protected area with 300 new corals.
  • World Earth Day 2022: sustainable fashion collections – iODonna Earth Day 2022 is the opportunity for large companies and emerging realities to pursue their commitment to environmental sustainability, thanks to local projects and sustainable collections.
  • With the Cherish Waste Innovation Story collection H&M wants to invite the public The fifth appointment with Innovation Stories by H&M translates into a romantic, green and truly sustainable collection The first sustainable project launched on the occasion of the Day always starts from an idea of ​​recovery and regeneration della Terra 2022 by
  • The first trees were planted not far from Milan, on WWF land, before making a stop in other Italian cities.
  • Established in the aftermath of the explosion of an oil rig off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, a tragedy that devastated the coast, killing thousands of animals and shaking consciences, over the years Earth Day has become a warning against change climate Also in collaboration with Treedom, on the occasion of Earth Day 2022, the second-hand luxury e-commerce platform Lampoo is promoting a green week dedicated to responsible shopping.
  • And Risacca are made with fishing nets abandoned in the sea Natural dyes and recycled materials, fashion goes green Regenerated nylon, organic cotton, recycled polyester, biodegradable colors and natural dyes.

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