Inclusive shoes designed by the disabled for all audiences

Inclusive shoes designed by the disabled for all audiences

Sumary of Inclusive shoes designed by the disabled for all audiences:

  • An opportunity written in Braille Mohedano emphasizes that in recent years, the company, which was born in 2017, has undergone exponential growth and that proof of this is that they were able to fit Paralympic athletes at the opening ceremonies and closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics.
  • He explains that, at first, the company was born as one more, without any characteristic that made it special and that of the first batch of 280 pairs of shoes they only managed to sell one online, while the others were to friends or relatives: Imagine how unviable that could be, he says.
  • Mohedano assures that the volume of business has been doubling year after year, but that robbery, last August, brought with it a wave of solidarity that caused them to run out of stock and double their followers in networks in just two days.
  • A robbery that changed the company That change was as important as the robbery they suffered in the company warehouse.
  • Despite the fact that it was difficult for us to change the chip, we saw that if you do not sell the shoes, you cannot hire more people with disabilities, says the co-founder of Timpers Diego Soliveres.
  • The most inclusive shoes on the market are designed by a company from Alicante formed exclusively by people with functional diversity, but, contrary to belief, they are not just for the blind, but for all audiences.
  • EFE The company, which is located in Lanzadera, the emerging business accelerator, pursues the goal of growing in the design and durability of its shoes during this 2022, while trying to leave the mantra that we are blind people who design only for blind people.

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