Jonathan Anderson: I collaborate, ergo, I evolve

jonathan anderson i collaborate ergo i evolve

Sumary of Jonathan Anderson: I collaborate, ergo, I evolve:

  • Remo Ruffini, visionary president and CEO of the brand, has an idea: instead of choosing a single designer to entrust the creativity of a special collection for several seasons, create a hub of exceptional minds capable of working together while continuing to cultivate their own individuality.
  • And then Moncler Genius arrived, a beautiful and good revolution in the way of conceiving certain dynamics of fashion.
  • The third chapter of 1 Moncler JW Anderson arrived on 9 June and the Irish designer is proud of it because, as is increasingly the case, he manages to incorporate almost philosophical reflections to the fashion message, without the garments losing their immediacy.
  • At a certain point the era of collaborations began: different worlds ready to meet for a special project in which to share different imaginaries.
  • BRILLIANT Jonathan Anderson, 37, from Ireland, is in his third collaboration with Moncler for the Genius project.
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  • Over time, some have alternated leaving room for new names, including Jonathan Anderson, whom the fashion community loves madly for his JW Anderson label and for the supercool swerve he has given to Loewe, of which he has been creative director since 2013.

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