Kate Moss becomes “creative director” of Diet Coke, which joins London Fashion Week

kate moss becomes creative director of diet coke which joins london fashion week

Sumary of Kate Moss becomes “creative director” of Diet Coke, which joins London Fashion Week:

  • On the brand’s 40th anniversary, Diet Coke named its first creative director in over a decade: Kate Moss.
  • The integrated marketing campaign includes a dynamic concept
  • Kate will bring her unique aesthetic and style to the brand. The company highlighted its timeless and irreverent aesthetic that defies categorization and transcends borders, as well as the fact that it plays a key role in avant-garde culture from the beginning of his career and continues to inspire the public AND wants to highlight Diet Coke’s status as a fashion accessory.
  • Kate Moss – Diet Coke According to Diet Coke, the partnership builds on its heritage of collaboration with Plus, joins London Fashion Week to take the connection even further The brand has dubbed Moss a global icon and style visionary and said that the supermodel, creative and enterprising will use Diet Coke as a canvas to inspire multiple generations.
  • Effectively, to mark the launch of the campaign, it joined London fashion week to give fans the opportunity to claim their rest.
  • UK residents who drink Diet Coke can have the opportunity to win thousands of prizes selected by the fashion platform, including luxury store vouchers, weekend stays at one of London’s top destinations and exclusive access to fashion shows.
  • Moss will bring Diet Coke’s new Love What You Love campaign to life, which highlights people who have a positive attitude to life, knowing who they are and what they love.

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