Lenzing’s sustainable Tencel fibre turns 30

Lenzing’s sustainable Tencel fibre turns 30

Sumary of Lenzing’s sustainable Tencel fibre turns 30:

  • This move secured Lenzing’s position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality cellulose-based fibres.
  • Image: Robert van de Kerkhof / The Lenzing Group “To date, the Tencel brand has exceed expectations across the industry as ‘the trusted provider’ of high-quality sustainable fibres among leading global fashion and home textile brands.
  • 300 brand partners globally Today, Tencel collaborates with more than 300 brand partners globally in various consumer-centric campaigns and was supported by the launch of the Tencel eShop in 2021, the first ever e-commerce channel created by a sustainable fibre producer, thus encouraging consumers to make informed purchases.
  • Tencel-branded fibres are produced more efficiently with the most sustainable process and the least amount of ecological footprint.

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