Lipor promotes exchange markets

lipor promotes exchange markets

Sumary of Lipor promotes exchange markets:

  • With the objective of prolonging the life of clothing in order to reverse this situation, the waste company has been working in collaboration with Under the motto The best waste is that which is not produced, the T-Circular initiative was launched last year , in partnership with blogger Lady in Green, which, through the dissemination of a series of practical and useful tips, aims to help change the way consumers buy, use and dispose of their garments, adopting more conscious and sustainable practices in relation to to fashion consumption.
  • A Let’s SWAP, a non-profit movement, made up of volunteers, which organizes swap markets with The swap markets take place at Lipor’s Adventure Park and each participant can bring up to five pieces of clothing (including accessories) in good condition and up to five
  • The tendency to wear garments for shorter and shorter periods before throwing them away contributes to unsustainable patterns of production and consumption, which are in the European Commission’s sights.
  • ©Lipor In Lipor’s area of ​​influence, from 2017 to 2020, an average of 28 kilograms of textiles per inhabitant were discarded per year.

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