Loewe “Paula’s Ibiza” “Gradation color” bag & “Cocktail” motif mini wallet, etc.

Loewe “Paula’s Ibiza” “Gradation color” bag & “Cocktail” motif mini wallet, etc.

Sumary of Loewe “Paula’s Ibiza” “Gradation color” bag & “Cocktail” motif mini wallet, etc.:

  • Bag PUZZLE EDGE DEGRADE MINIBAG 294,800 yen PUZZLE EDGE DEGRADESMALL BAG 376,200 yen Icon bags such as “Puzzle”, “Hammock”, “Amazona” and “Goya”, which are popular in Loewe, are available in beautiful gradation colors.
  • (From the left of the card holder / wallet) COIN CARDHOLDER CAPS 62,700 yen PLAIN CARDHOLDER CAPS 46,200 yen For small leather goods, we have prepared card holders and mini wallets with boldly designed summer motifs such as bottle caps and cocktails.
  • (From left) POCHETTE DW ANAGRAMBAG 93,500 yen BALLOON RUFFLES BAG 196,900 yen A wide variety of basket bags that you want to incorporate into your summer styling.
  • The colors are shaded, reminiscent of the psychedelic sunsets of Ibiza.
  • Bag charm WATERMELON COCKTAILCHARM 69,300 yen CACTUS CHARM 52,800 yen ANAGRAM BASKET DEGRADEL BAG 137,500 yen In addition, leather charms with the motif of drinks that are indispensable for summer parties such as watermelon and pineapple cocktails will be developed.

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