Mango expands to France with over 70 new stores by 2025

mango expands to france with over 70 new stores by 2025

Sumary of Mango expands to France with over 70 new stores by 2025:

  • From 2023 to 2025, Mango will continue its expansion process with the opening of 20-24 new stores approximately every year.
  • Among the initiatives implemented in favor of sustainability, the installation in the flagship of a Committed Box, a container in which customers can deposit fabrics and footwear to give their garments a second life, which will be placed in all French stores in Mango in the arch The new New Med concept adopted for the Haussman store was designed with the aim of generating a low environmental impact.
  • In addition to the openings, the group will renew its store network, starting this year with an investment of 3.5 million euros for the refurbishment of Haussmann and two other large stores in central Paris, and will extend its current presence by adding the Man and Kids lines in various boutiques.
  • Text size The Spanish chain Mango has reopened its Haussmann flagship store in Paris after a major renovation project that saw the debut of the new New Med concept in France, one of its main markets, while announcing an ambitious expansion plan in the country.
  • This year there will be about twenty new stores, of which 12 independent in cities such as Reims, Colmar, Orange and Tours, and 8 new corners through agreements with large groups such as Galeries Lafayette in cities such as Cannes, Lorient, Chambery and Lorient, including other.
  • 54 of Boulevard Haussmann, one of the most representative shopping streets of the French capital, welcomes more than 1.6 million visitors every year and has over 1,400 square meters of retail space spread over two floors, which house products and items from the woman, man and children.
  • The Mango store on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris This plan provides for the opening of 70 new stores by 2025, to reach a total of 300 French stores.

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