Maria Maleta starts wearing waterproof leather

Maria Maleta starts wearing waterproof leather

Sumary of Maria Maleta starts wearing waterproof leather:

  • Maria Maleta announced that she started using a new material in her pieces: waterproof leather.
  • ” Maria Maleta’s Fuchsia clutch in the new waterproof leather version – Maria / Maleta The natural leather accessories brand makes a difference, launching the Fuchsia waterproof leather handbag created for the woman looking for an eclectic handmade design piece .
  • “You can use your bag Maria Maleta in two different ways, just pull the elastic and fold the bag to the opposite side, you will have the same bag but with a different color”, explains Maria Maleta, who excels in quality, design and leathers real, always highlighting the materials in each piece.
  • Maria Maleta bag in holographic green on one side, which turns into fuchsia pink on the other – Maria / Maleta “Our main objective is to use raw materials that can ensure the quality, design and durability of our products”, can be read on the brand’s website.

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