Michelle Hunziker changes look: on stage in jeans, t-shirt and “Flintstones” hair

michelle hunziker changes look on stage in jeans t shirt and flintstones hair

Sumary of Michelle Hunziker changes look: on stage in jeans, t-shirt and “Flintstones” hair:

  • She is the undisputed queen of Striscia la Notizia and it is on her Instagram that every day she gives a preview of the looks that she will show off on stage.
  • Michelle Hunziker is back to work at full speed after the short break due to Covid and, as usual, she uses social media to anticipate the looks she will show off on TV.
  • Then opted for a pair of fire red décolleté Michelle Hunziker’s casual look Michelle Hunziker with the bob with the tips upwards What made Michelle Hunziker’s look truly original was the hairstyle.
  • No more diva dresses and cut-out cuts on the bust, this time she has chosen something much more casual.
  • Michelle Hunziker’s new casual look Michelle Hunziker has been cheering fans up lately with her sensual and glamorous looks, from color block suits to multicolored sheath dresses, but she has recently changed her style.
  • She recently changed her style by saying goodbye to diva dresses: she posed in jeans, t-shirt and Flintstones hair.
  • Ever since she cut her hair in a bob she has always ranged between extra straight liquid hair and cheeky waves, but this time she added a little novelty.

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