MMU: JW Anderson’s Symbolist Performance

mmu jw andersons symbolist performance

Sumary of MMU: JW Anderson’s Symbolist Performance:

  • In an industrial space in via Ventura, like in a play (Jonathan Anderson says he would have wanted to be an actor as a boy if he hadn’t become a stylist), the show kicks off with the aim of surprising.
  • After the pandemic, I thought it was nice for my brand to start a men’s show and go back to its origins, explained the designer.
  • Just think that many Italian brands have perhaps 50 years of history and when a designer comes to present here the audience is willing to support something new.
  • Bicycle handlebars become necklaces on which to place a striped shirt, skateboards burst onto sweatshirts and pullovers, door hinges become part of the clothes themselves.
  • A moment from the JW Anderson fashion show The relationship with Milan to seal a new era of the brand, the idea of ​​a show as a performance that involves the public, the symbolism of Italian cinema and a touch Fashion becomes a tool to mean something else in the JW collection Anderson, the first live in the Milanese calendar for the Jonathan Anderson brand and perhaps not the last.
  • Rembrandt’s self-portrait represents the exegesis of the concept of selfie.

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