Monsoon bride: How to be picture perfect

monsoon bride how to be picture perfect

Sumary of Monsoon bride: How to be picture perfect:

  • Remember, the best makeup you can wear is healthy, naturally glowing skin, and that should be your goal.
  • If you tend to break out, choose a gentle, exfoliating cleanser and a thin fluid-based or an aqueous gel-based moisturiser,” says Rajat Kandhari, a dermatologist.
  • A head massage with hot oil (a mixture of castor oil, sunflower almond oil and coconut oil in equal measure), along with a few drops of essential oils keeps hair healthy, says beauty expert Richa Agarwal.
  • And remember, a healthy diet helps heal your skin from the inside out.
  • Limit sugar and fried foods, as these can make your skin dull,” says Agarwal.

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