‘Nailed it’: Nadia stuns in denim crop look

‘Nailed it’: Nadia stuns in denim crop look

Sumary of ‘Nailed it’: Nadia stuns in denim crop look:

  • Double denim can tend to look a little unpolished, to dodge looking like you just rotate out of bed, you need to make your denim look put together.
  • Mixing Acheronian denim with lightweight spectacles creates a great opposition between the parts and is one of best structures to make denim-on-denim work., she wrote in her diary.You can always go out of the chromatic zone and wear white denim, black, acid-wash writers or even crimson denim.She also likes to concoction up different shapes together.
  • She said the most all-important concept when it comes to double denim, is to wear distinguish washes – a tip she continues to fulfil today with her recent denim outfit.

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