New Era opens a second store in Yucatan

New Era opens a second store in Yucatan

Sumary of New Era opens a second store in Yucatan:

  • Advancing in its growth plans at the national level, the American New Era, dedicated to the commercialization of caps and urban fashion, goes one step further in the southeast of the country and opens a new store in the Yucatecan capital.
  • New Era adds a second store in Yucatan – Facebook New Era Stores MEX The firm itself announced its new location in Mérida this Friday, January 28. As confirmed, the New Era Store is located inside the Galerias Mérida shopping center, specifically on the top floor.
  • In addition to a wide variety of hats, the store also includes t-shirts and other accessories such as backpacks.
  • With its arrival at Galerías, New Era reaches the two stores in Mérida.
  • com, the Buffalo-based firm officially landed in Yucatan on May 31, 2018, the date on which it opened its first single-brand establishment in the La Isla Mérida shopping mall.

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