On Emily in Paris, Camille’s the Real Style Star

on emily in paris camilles the real style star

Sumary of On Emily in Paris, Camille’s the Real Style Star:

  • While Emily in Paris (emphasis on the Emily) has inspired both devout fashion stans and fierce critics, Emily’s Parisian pal Camille (played by Camille Razat) offers a more subtle style that we’re not talking about nearly as much but certainly should be.
  • Between the “ringarde,” the printed or brightly colored, and the matchy-matchy ensembles Emily Cooper dons as an American in Paris, I’ve come to regard Camille’s scenes, with her brand of chic dressing on display, as a kind of palate cleanser.
  • While Emily — and Mindy, too — is a maximalist at heart, Camille reminds us that less can be more with the right tailoring, a standout cut, or the juxtaposition of two seemingly unlikely pieces paired together.
  • Laurent dress that looked like a heart here [pointing to her chest] and with the huge leather jacket oversized — that’s very me putting something so feminine and chic and putting something very masculine on the top of it.

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