Otb Foundation and Zegna Foundation together with Cesvi for Ukrainian women

otb foundation and zegna foundation together with cesvi for ukrainian women

Sumary of Otb Foundation and Zegna Foundation together with Cesvi for Ukrainian women:

  • In addition to sharing the values ​​of human solidarity and defense of social justice, we share the way of operating by identifying concrete objectives, quickly achieved thanks to the deep knowledge of the areas of intervention and the ability to build aid networks that respect cultures and contexts.
  • Of the Cesvi Foundation, in Italy as in the world, where natural disasters, conflicts or health emergencies have required rapid and effective intervention in support of local populations, declares Anna Zegna, President of the Zegna Foundation.
  • Otb Foundation has been active since the beginning of the war with concrete and timely help to the Ukrainian population by sending buses to the border and to date welcoming 442 refugees, all women and children.
  • We have identified safe housing, food and clothing, and now we are working on long-term integration with professional profiling and integration into the world of work, comments Arianna Alessi, Vice President of the Otb Foundation.
  • To date, the association has helped around 1,000 families in Odessa, Dnipro, Kramatorsk and Kyiv, delivering products such as sheets, pillows, warm blankets; kits for the hygiene of spaces and kits for baby hygiene, such as soaps, diapers, baby wipes, talcum powder @cesvi The intervention is aimed at pregnant and lactating women, mothers with children under the age of 5 , but also to elderly and disabled people forced to leave their homes but blocked inside Ukraine.
  • Text size Zegna Foundation and Otb Foundation marry the Cesvi Foundation’s humanitarian project in support of Ukrainian women.

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