Paris menswear: intensity and indifference with Craig Green, Loewe and Hermès

paris menswear intensity and indifference with craig green loewe and hermes

Sumary of Paris menswear: intensity and indifference with Craig Green, Loewe and Hermès:

  • It was like watching the Antiques Roadshow in my youth, when the final find was a Wedgwood pot added Green, who even included a riskier new take on his work.
  • Menswear’s two most challenging designers – Craig Green and Jonathan Anderson – presented two strikingly unique visions in Paris on Saturday (June 25), before Hermès delivered a salutary lesson in nonchalant chic.
  • Green’s initial inspiration is the Decorated Man, whose concept is the body as art.
  • Instead, Loewe’s creative director sent living nature to the catwalk, collaborating with how when you’re young and you discover you can grow watercress inside an eggshell, smiled Anderson, explaining that Loewe planned to sell seeds true with E that if we experimented we could find different methods in fashion to progress, he added.
  • And conceptual objects – cans you can’t drink from, or suitcases you can’t open, laughed Green backstage.
  • Loewe: nature meets technology Art, social denunciation, nature and fashionable clothing met at Loewe, where we saw another all-white decor for a remarkable ensemble.
  • Craig Green Spring-Summer 2023 Collection – Craig Green Mastering disparate elements from WWII covers, working-class apparel and comics to Wedgwood ceramics, Green presented a brilliant contemplation of menswear whose influence will span every continent.

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