That place where suffering women find “a breath of fresh air”

Sumary of That place where suffering women find “a breath of fresh air”:

  • «Half are foreign, they come from different socio-cultural backgrounds but situations of economic hardship triumph.
  • «The support we offer is psychological and pedagogical: first of all we help them increase their self-esteem and sense of self-efficacy so that they can face their problems with more confidence and more strength; we help them to orient themselves and to have a plan».
  • The needs they bring concern more problems of a family type, such as conflicting relationships or with abusive men and problems in managing children, but also unemployment and experiences of loneliness and fatigue in facing life’s difficulties.
  • From 2019 to today, around 500 women have been met by the operators of the Spazio Donna WeWorld center, located in Piazza Tirana 2, in the Giambellino district of Milan.

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