Pomellato for Women: the uniqueness of women

Pomellato for Women: the uniqueness of women

Sumary of Pomellato for Women: the uniqueness of women:

  • Eight voices, all different, but united by the same desire: to remind themselves and all women of their value, their uniqueness, the beauty that goes beyond perfection and the journey made so far to be what one is.
  • On the occasion of 8 March, and for the fifth consecutive year, Pomellato gathered a chorus of women, inspiring models, for the usual video of Pomellato for Women, the platform, active since 2018, aimed at promoting change, inclusiveness , equality and create a dialogue on positive female empowerment.
  • We try to be proud of our achievements but also completely authentic to get to possess our truth, show it and love it!
  • «The message that women normally receive is that we must be more, better, different – comments Sabina Belli, CEO of Pomellato -.
  • We accept and enjoy our imperfections, because they make us unique and human.
  • This year Pomellato wants women to feel and remember that we are enough – we are more than enough.

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