Public School creates “backyard compostable” sneaker from kombucha waste

public school creates backyard compostable sneaker from kombucha waste

Sumary of Public School creates “backyard compostable” sneaker from kombucha waste:

  • New York streetwear label Public School has collaborated with material scientist Theanne Schiros to create a pair of biofabricated trainers using a leather alternative grown by microbes..
  • Through fermentation, the SCOBY creates a leather substitute that has up to a 97 per cent lower carbon footprint than synthetic polyurethane (PU) leather, according to Schiros..
  • The material scientist also found that while the bio-leather has a lifespan of several years, it remains “backyard compostable”.
  • “After 60 days outdoors in soil, the bio-leather samples lost over 70 per cent of their mass, broken down by naturally occurring microorganisms to return as nutrients for a healthy ecosystem,”…

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